1. What is the Online Surveyor Search Request Service?

    The Online Surveyor Search Request Service is an online application, which allows customers to receive scanned copies of documents that would normally be requested at the Documentation Center without having to visit our office.

  2. How is the Online Surveyor Search Request Service accessed?

    The Online Surveyor Search Request Service can be accessed via an electronic form that will be made available on our website @www.nla.gov.jm.

  3. What is the cost associated with the search or scan?

    • The cost per search is JMD 150.00
    • The cost per large subdivision is JMD 1000.00
    • The cost per a regular diagram is JMD 500.00

  4. Do you pay Search Fee for Direct Searches?

    No. Once you have provided the Negative Number and the Plan Examination Number, you will not be required to pay a Search Fee.

  5. How is a Deposit Account Created?

    The request for a Deposit Account must be made in writing to the Senior Director, Surveys and Mapping Division, 23 ½ Charles Street, Kingston.

  6. How is payment made to the Deposit Account?

    You may make a payment to your Deposit Account at any of our cashiers using any of the following methods:

    • Cash
    • Manager’s Cheque
    • Debit Card
    • Credit Card

  7. What is the turnaround time for this service?

    Once the request is received, the document will be emailed within 48hrs.

  8. Can you search by name of client?

    No. This information is insufficient and must be accompanied by the parish and property name.

  9. How do we conduct a search?

    Searches are conducted using ALL or SOME of the following fields:-

    • Examination number
    • Negative number
    • Parish
    • Property
    • Surveyor
    • Instigator

  10. What fields lead to a Direct Search?

    ONLY the Examination Number and the Negative Number can lead to a Direct Search.

  11. Can a request be made for five (5) digit Examination Numbers?

    Yes, however, Five (5) digit Examination Numbers are not always available on a microfilm. If it is not available you will only be charged the Search Fee.